Leaping Over

Author: Toni Jackson, 8th Grade “Leaping Over” The tent began to rattle like a feather beneath the hot wind. My stomach churned, begging for food that wasn’t available. I stand, leap over my mother and father. Making sure not to awake the 8 other bodies in the tent. All of them, my family. Outside, I … More Leaping Over

Crowds of People

Author: Jeremiah Champ, 8th grade Crowds of people walking around like bees surrounding honey, small stands placed everywhere like a market. Finally a stand we are familiar with there flapping in the wind. Hangs a familiar Bosnian style flag. Bringing home closer to us! Tugging on mom’s coat while pointing speechless as to what I … More Crowds of People

I Wake.

Author: Jahmil Proctor I wake. Brush my teeth. A massive attack on New York Just happened yesterday. They call it 9/11. I walk through the school. I suddenly fall as someone tripped me. I quickly get up as everyone laughs. I run to my locker, people’s insults Thrown like a game of toss. I walk … More I Wake.


There has been a lot of heated political discussion about refugees lately and how they maintain their livelihood once they arrive in the United States. The fact is, most of us are probably a little in the dark when it comes to understanding the employment process for a refugee. Some people assume that refugees live … More THE 7 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT REFUGEES IN THE UNITED STATES


By Guest Blogger Kristina DeVesty In our last blog post, you met Asinate Vitusagavulu, an LSS/NCA Refugee Resettlement Case Worker who has worked to help dozens of refugee families establish new roots here in the United Stated.  Today, she offers a story of respect and kindness that might impact how you see your refugee neighbors. … More BEADS OF FAITH