The Power of a Positive Spirit: Mewael’s Journey

When Mewael was 19 years old, he was in a car accident with some of his college friends. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Then, he was called into Ethiopia’s mandatory draft. He fled for his survival. This spring, 23-year-old Mewael was accepted as a refugee to the United States of America. … More The Power of a Positive Spirit: Mewael’s Journey

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

By: Shelby Kruczek, Guest Blogger Do you know your neighbor? At first, this might seem like a pointless question. But I implore you to genuinely consider it. With high-speed internet, instantaneous global news, and social media galore, our so-called “connected age” ironically can make us feel disconnected from our most immediate surroundings. My husband and … More “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

Supreme Court Decision Stays Travel Ban

Since early December, the US has blocked an unknown number of people from Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, and Venezuela from entering the US. Individuals from banned countries are theoretically eligible for waivers, but in practice, waivers are few and far between. After one month, 8,400 people had applied for waivers; and … More Supreme Court Decision Stays Travel Ban

Investing in Refugees Pays Dividends for Our Economy

Author: Vanessa Brown, LSS/NCA Board Member Recognizing refugee’s contributions to our economy is an important part of reframing the dehumanizing narrative that refugees are a financial drain on more productive members of U.S. society. Many hold misconceptions on how much assistance the U.S. government provides to refugees relative to what they give back; unaware that … More Investing in Refugees Pays Dividends for Our Economy

Leaping Over

Author: Toni Jackson, 8th Grade “Leaping Over” The tent began to rattle like a feather beneath the hot wind. My stomach churned, begging for food that wasn’t available. I stand, leap over my mother and father. Making sure not to awake the 8 other bodies in the tent. All of them, my family. Outside, I … More Leaping Over

Crowds of People

Author: Jeremiah Champ, 8th grade Crowds of people walking around like bees surrounding honey, small stands placed everywhere like a market. Finally a stand we are familiar with there flapping in the wind. Hangs a familiar Bosnian style flag. Bringing home closer to us! Tugging on mom’s coat while pointing speechless as to what I … More Crowds of People

I Wake.

Author: Jahmil Proctor I wake. Brush my teeth. A massive attack on New York Just happened yesterday. They call it 9/11. I walk through the school. I suddenly fall as someone tripped me. I quickly get up as everyone laughs. I run to my locker, people’s insults Thrown like a game of toss. I walk … More I Wake.